#102 Beyond the Certificate: How to Navigate Insurance Related to Fundraising and Inventory with Amelia Risk

I don’t always love talking about insurance, but I love talking about insurance with today’s guest, Danielle Holyoake, because I always learn so much and end up feeling more empowered with knowledge. Danielle, is the CRO and co-founder of Amelia Risk, a CPG insurance brokerage equipped to handle all lines of commercial insurance, and I actually met Danielle through the Startup CPG Slack back in 2021 when she helped me with an urgent insurance issue. Last year, in 2022, Danielle came on the show for a CPG insurance 101 level episode of Let's Demystify Insurance - How to navigate insurance in CPG, which is linked in the show notes and may be helpful to listen to before or after this episode, as it’s packed with really great information about general liability, product liability, recall, and worker’s comp insurance. Today we continue with our 100 level CPG insurance knowledge by focusing in on two areas of insurance that often get overlooked, but become super important as a CPG company scales: D&O or Directors & Officers insurance and stock throughput insurance, which come into play around conversations about fundraising and inventory respectively.

This episode was sponsored by Amelia Risk.

Listen in as Danielle shares about:
  • Why D&O insurance comes up during fundraising and why it’s often a requirement of investors
  • When to start thinking about D&O insurance and what it covers
  • Why stock throughput insurance is important and surprising areas where your inventory may be unprotected
  • How inventory is covered from an insurance perspective during freight transit, at 3PL warehouses, and why you might need insurance to protect it
  • Examples of insurance claim and inventory loss scenarios when insurance can and cannot help, including spoilage, and temperature control issues
  • How to find the right insurance broker and why choosing a broker before shopping for policies is important
  • And more!
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#102 Beyond the Certificate: How to Navigate Insurance Related to Fundraising and Inventory with Amelia Risk
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