#106 Shelfies Finalists & Trends from Startup CPG's 2023 Awards

It’s awards season! Well at least here at Startup CPG it is. If you aren't aware, we have our very own annual industry award competition at Startup CPG, and this year is the Third Annual Shelfies Awards, proudly sponsored by Floret, where we recognized the most promising emerging CPG brands. Startup CPG wanted to create opportunities for industry recognition with no entry fee, no essays, and only for emerging brands. This year the categories expanded beyond food, beverage, and supplements to include pet, beauty, and health products, and we received over 600 submissions that have been narrowed down to 76 finalists across 21 categories. I thought it would be fun to have the two main judges and coordinators behind the Shelfies on the show to talk about trends and some of the finalists. You may know the names and voices of Patricia Menegoto, Startup CPG’s Head of Marketing & Community & Jenna Movsowitz, our Startup CPG Spotlight Magazine Managing Editor. We didn't have time to discuss every finalist, even though we love them all so much, so I've linked in the show notes the latest magazine edition with all the finalist brands you'll be wanting to try and celebrate. We’d love for you to join the LinkedIn live awards ceremony in a few weeks on September 28, 2023; you can find the link in the show notes or on our Startup CPG LinkedIn page. Also, a fair number of the brands mentioned today are either backpack or innovation brands at Expo East, so if you are headed to Philadelphia, be sure to stop by to try for yourself. There will also be a Shelfies celebration meetup in LA in October and details will be in Slack and the newsletter soon. Now let’s talk Shelfies!

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#106 Shelfies Finalists & Trends from Startup CPG's 2023 Awards
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