Founder Feature: Aman Blana, Growee Foods

Join Grace Kennedy as she delves into the world of healthy vegetarian delights with Aman Blana, the founder of Growee Foods, in this bonus episode of the Startup CPG Podcast. Aman shares the journey behind Growee Foods, inspired by his Indian heritage and a quest for fresh, plant-based options in the US. From battling the challenges of working with co-packers to navigating distribution channels, Aman reveals how mentor communities like Startup CPG have been pivotal in guiding his path.

Discover Aman's innovative marketing strategies, including engaging farmers market demos and strategic brand collaborations. Learn how Growee Foods leverages email marketing and region-focused ads to drive sales growth on a bootstrap budget, all while prioritizing quality and taste above everything else.

What’s more, get a sneak peek into upcoming spicy flavors and product lines that will leave you salivating.

Tune in now and embark on a flavorful adventure with Growee Foods!

Listen in as Aman shares about:
  • Founder Story
  • Challenges in Starting Up
  • Marketing Strategies Employed by Growee Foods
  • Distribution and Growth Strategy
  • Challenges as a Founder
  • Post-Expo West Follow-Up
  • Growee Foods Product Development
  • Motivation and Community Support
  • Advice for New Entrepreneurs
  • Growee Foods Availability

Episode Links:
Growee Foods Website
Aman Blana’s LinkedIn

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Founder Feature: Aman Blana, Growee Foods
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