Founder Feature: JoLynn Henke and Peter Clarkson

Join Grace Kennedy in this bonus episode of the Startup CPG Podcast as she interviews JoLynn Henke and Peter Clarkson, the co-founders of Protéger. From personal experiences to a commitment to full-body skin health, discover how JoLynn's mother's ALS diagnosis fueled their passion for safeguarding the skin and loved ones.

Explore Protéger's innovative dermal serum, a full-body product that caters to a wide variety of needs from hydrating pregnant bellies to preserving tattoos. Learn how they challenge traditional beauty norms by promoting inclusivity and authenticity in marketing, emphasizing the unisex nature of their products and clean ingredients without added fragrances.
Protéger's journey has not been without challenges. Hear how Protéger tackled damaged inventory issues with "rescue bottles," sold at a discount for charity, showcasing their resilience and creativity in problem-solving while benefiting animal rescue organizations.

Discover how Protéger's emphasis on personal connections with retailers facilitated their expansion into retail locations such as Figgy Co. Through storytelling and community engagement, they strive to redefine beauty standards, prioritizing skin health over traditional gender-specific norms.

Ready to redefine your skincare routine? Tune in now!

Listen in as they share about:

  • Origin Story of Protéger
  • Product Concept and Versatility
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Diverse Distribution Channels
  • Customer Feedback
  • Unisex Nature of Products
  • Approach to Retail Partnerships
  • Challenges with Damaged Inventory
  • Advice for Founders
  • Where to Find Protéger Daily

Episode Links:
Protéger Website
JoLynn Henke’s LinkedIn
Peter Clarkson’s LinkedIn

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Founder Feature: JoLynn Henke and Peter Clarkson
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