Founder Feature: Justin Wolff of Junk Theory

In this bonus episode of the Startup CPG podcast, Grace Kennedy delves deep into the world of clean, plastic-free beauty with Justin Wolff, the founder behind Junk Theory. They discuss Junk Theory's genesis and mission to end the plastic era in beauty. From strategic partnerships to sustainable packaging innovations, they explore every facet of building a brand that prioritizes both product quality and planet-friendly practices.

Justin shares the brand's commitment to offering premium-quality products while staying true to its ethos of honesty and authenticity. Through a curated range of essential skincare products, Junk Theory aims to redefine beauty standards and inspire a new generation of conscious consumers.

Listen now and join the movement towards cleaner, greener beauty!

Listen in as they share about:

  • Justin's Background in Social Enterprise
  • Genesis of Junk Theory
  • Focus on Packaging
  • Cutting through the Noise of Clean Beauty
  • Approach to Getting into Customers' Hands
  • Partnerships and Utilizing PR
  • Retail Strategy
  • Funding and Fundraising
  • Sustainability and Brand Mission
  • Challenges and Advice

Episode Links:
Junk Theory’s Website
Justin Wolff’s LinkedIn

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Founder Feature: Justin Wolff of Junk Theory
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