UPC Management: Jake Deleon, Fila Manila and Alex Sorenson, Blank Slate Kitchen

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Join Grace Kennedy in this bonus episode of the Startup CPG podcast as she is joined by Jake Deleon, the founder and CEO of Fila Manila and Alex Sorenson, the Founder and CEO of Blank Slate Kitchen to delve into the complexities of UPC (Universal Product Code) code management. Discover the pivotal decisions behind altering UPC codes, influenced by factors such as pricing strategy, market competitiveness, and cost efficiency. 

Hear firsthand accounts of how Jake and Alex approached UPC modifications to meet distribution demands and navigate retailer approvals. From adjusting net weight to strategic inventory planning, learn the intricacies of UPC management and the importance of sales forecasting in ensuring smooth transitions. Gain invaluable advice from founders on starting small to gather consumer feedback, assessing velocity metrics for store performance, and engaging effectively with distributors and retailers.

Plus, explore how adapting product sizes can positively impact buyer behavior and discover proactive measures like promotions and discounts to manage UPC changes effectively. 

Don't miss out on the latest strategies for success in the CPG industry - Tune in now!

Listen in as Jake and Alex share about:
  • Cost Consideration of Changing UPC Codes
  • Challenges of Not Changing UPC Codes
  • Amazon Complications
  • Updating Product Records and GS1 Data Hub
  • Managing Changeovers and Mitigating Risks
  • Refills and Negotiations with Retailers
  • Advice for Founders
  • Product Promotion and Sales
  • Brand Promotion

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UPC Management: Jake Deleon, Fila Manila and Alex Sorenson, Blank Slate Kitchen
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