#129 Buyer Spotlight: Jonathan Lawrence, Fresh Thyme Market

In this episode of the Startup CPG podcast, Daniel Scharff dives into the vibrant world of the natural food industry with Jonathan Lawrence, Vice President of Center Store at Fresh Thyme Market. Discover Fresh Thyme Market's mission-driven approach to offering fresh and healthy food at great value and Jonathan's passion for supporting startup brands.

Explore the intricacies of building meaningful relationships with brands, tailoring assortments to community needs, and the significance of local brands in their stores through initiatives like the local scout program. Jonathan shares his excitement for international flavors and products, offering unique tastes and experiences for customers.

Get an exclusive preview of the Startup CPG section at Expo West on level three of ACC, featuring 25 booths with amazing brands, including female founder giveaway winners. 

Ready to embark on a flavorful journey? Tune in now!

Listen in as Jonathan shares about:
  • Natural Food Industry Expertise
  • Relationship Building
  • Balancing Innovation and Tradition
  • Adaptability to Store Environments
  • Success Metrics for Category Managers
  • Brand Persistence and Relationships
  • Category Management and Retailer Influence
  • Challenges in Introducing New Brands
  • Innovation in Retail
  • Brand Life Cycle and Continuous Innovation
  • Support for Local Brands and Community Engagement
  • Exploration of International Flavors and Ethnic Products

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Daniel Scharff
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#129 Buyer Spotlight: Jonathan Lawrence, Fresh Thyme Market
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