#132 Buyer Spotlight: Chris Battaglia, Protein Category Sr Manager, Hungryroot

In this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, Daniel Scharff dives into the world of protein with Chris Battaglia, a seasoned expert and category lead for proteins at leading e-commerce retailer Hungryroot that aims to simplify healthy eating through personalized grocery shopping, utilizing AI to gather customer taste data for tailored meal suggestions. The company's socially responsible initiatives and commitment to reducing waste resonate with a diverse consumer base, focusing on high-quality options for various age groups and regions.

Discover the challenges faced by the meat industry, from navigating economic changes to maintaining impeccable quality standards. Chris reveals the crucial role of partnerships with suppliers who understand customer preferences and gives an overview of the role plant-based plays in his category.

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Listen in as Chris shares about:

  • Transition to Hungryroot
  • Insights from Meat Cutting Days
  • Experience at Central Market and Whole Foods
  • Private Label and Branded Products
  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Meat Industry Challenges
  • Humane Standards and Supply Chain
  • Engaging with Brands:
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Plant-Based Category
  • Brand Partnerships

Episode Links:
Hungryroot’s Website
Chris’s LinkedIn

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Daniel Scharff
Daniel Scharff
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#132 Buyer Spotlight: Chris Battaglia, Protein Category Sr Manager, Hungryroot
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