#135 Recruiting 101 with Peggy Shell, Creative Alignments

In this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, Daniel Scharff, together with Peggy Shell, the founder of Creative Alignments delve into the challenges faced by startups in traditional recruiting models and the innovative time-based recruiting approach pioneered by Creative Alignments. Peggy shares insights on the drawbacks of percentage-based fee structures, emphasizing the importance of aligning company values, culture, and compensation for sustainable growth.

Uncover the secrets of DIY recruiting for startups, including strategic decision-making points, behavioral-based interview questions, and negotiation strategies. Discover the significance of pay transparency and intentional sourcing to foster diversity in hiring. Peggy guides leaders in creating an inclusive workplace culture, offering tips on fostering belonging, recognition, and empathy.

Whether you're a startup enthusiast or in the natural products industry, this podcast provides actionable strategies for building powerful teams. Tune in now!

Listen in as Peggy shares about:

DIY Recruiting Elements for Startups
Challenges with Traditional Recruiting
Creative Alignments' Model
Factors in Attracting Talent
Creating an Inclusive Workplace and Diversity in Hiring
Negotiation Strategies and Pay Transparency
Behavioral-Based Interview Questions
Transparency in Leadership
Equity in Compensation
Experience vs. Soft Skills in Hiring
References and Backdoor References

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#135 Recruiting 101 with Peggy Shell, Creative Alignments
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