#137 Plant-Based Dumpling Kings: Eric Wu and Adam Yee, Sobo Foods

In this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, join Daniel Scharff together with Eric Wu and Adam Yee, the founders of Sobo Foods, as they share their journey of creating plant-based Asian American frozen dumplings.

Explore Adam and Eric’s approach, rooted in years of entrepreneurship experience, critical industry connections, and strategic branding to position their products as nutrient-dense comfort foods appealing to a wide consumer base. Delve into the evolving diet choices in the US, with Asian Americans leading trends in veganism and vegetarianism, and how Sobo Foods emphasizes a balanced approach to meat consumption, drawing from cultural differences.

Additionally, discover their plans for expansion through local retail partnerships in the Bay Area, focusing on community support and navigating logistical challenges. Learn about their commitment to sustainability, utilizing plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly packaging materials throughout their supply chain.

Adam and Eric also share valuable insights on effective product development and scaling production processes, emphasizing the importance of thorough vetting of product developers and staying well-capitalized regardless of funding challenges.

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Listen in as Eric and Adam share about:

  • The Origins of Sobo Foods
  • Meeting at Kitchentown
  • Sobo Foods Branding and Name
  • Food Culture and their Podcast Theme
  • Learning from Past Experiences
  • Funding Options for Startups
  • Fundraising and Venture Capital
  • Product Development and Branding
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • The Positive Reception of Sobo Foods Within Their Families and Communities
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Sobo Foods Website 
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Daniel Scharff
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#137 Plant-Based Dumpling Kings: Eric Wu and Adam Yee, Sobo Foods
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