#140 Buyer Spotlight: Foodservice Buying with Lizz Ingrassia & Allie Cotter, Fresh Thyme

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In this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, join Daniel Scharff as he dives into the world of foodservice with Lizz Ingrassia and Allie Cotter of Fresh Time Market. Delving into their journey from restaurant dining to packaged retail meals, Liz and Allie share their expertise on the importance of flavor, customer-centricity, and understanding consumer needs in product selection. With foodservice comprising a significant portion of store sales, they discuss the role of branded and non branded items and much more.

Discover the challenges and triumphs of launching new products smoothly, working with suppliers, distribution strategies, and balancing labor issues with innovation. Learn valuable collaboration tips, including understanding store operations and 
delivering proposals aligned with customer expectations.

Tune in to gain actionable strategies for enhancing brand credibility, fostering successful partnerships, and creating memorable experiences for consumers!

Listen in as Lizz and Allie share about:
  • Vendor Relationship and Negotiation
  • Product Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Inventory and Distribution Planning
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Monitoring and Feedback
  • Support and Promotions for Brands
  • Sampling Tool and Distribution Strategies
  • Successful Brand Examples
  • Contractual Issues and Operational Efficiency
  • First-to-Market Advantage
  • Consumer Shopping Behavior, Recalls, and Product Issues
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Daniel Scharff
Daniel Scharff
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#140  Buyer Spotlight: Foodservice Buying with Lizz Ingrassia & Allie Cotter, Fresh Thyme
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