#139 Inventory Management for Early Brands: Cory Hebert from Cin7, and Jamie Valenti-Jordan, Catapult Commercialization Services

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Join Daniel Scharff in this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast together with Cory Hebert from Cin7 and Jamie Valenti-Jordan, CEO of Catapult Commercialization Services, as they illuminate the challenges faced by startups during product launches and emphasize the importance of accurate data entry to prevent financial losses and share invaluable insights on leveraging Inventory Management Systems (IMS) to streamline processes efficiently.

Discover practical strategies for reconciling orders with available inventory, optimizing payment terms, and managing cash flow challenges. Learn from real-world experiences and gain actionable advice on implementing efficient inventory management systems like Cin7 Core.
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Listen in as Cory and Jamie share about:
  • Initial Challenges Faced by Startups
  • Excel Limitations for Inventory Management
  • Products Compliance and Safety
  • Advantages of Using IMS (Inventory Management Software)
  • Starting a Business and IMS Subscription
  • User Experience and Critical Features of IMS
  • Order-to-Cash Process
  • The Difference between IMS and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Challenges and Limitations of ERP
  • Outsourcing Operations and Operational Challenges
  • Inventory Management Tips

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Daniel Scharff
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#139  Inventory Management for Early Brands: Cory Hebert from Cin7, and Jamie Valenti-Jordan, Catapult Commercialization Services
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