#142 - Buyer Spotlight: Christine McNerney and Jason Bidart, Thrive Market

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In this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, Daniel Scharff is joined by Christine McNerney, Vice President of Merchandising Ops for Health, Beauty, and Home Categories at Thrive Market, and Jason Bidart VP of Food Merchandising at Thrive Market. They explore Thrive Market's commitment to offering wholesome products and maintaining strict ingredient standards.

From Christine's journey in fashion e-commerce to Jason's extensive grocery retail experience, discover how their expertise shapes Thrive Market's offerings.
Hear about how they work with brands, and top-selling products like electrolyte powders and wellness items. Dive into product highlights and marketing programs that drive Thrive Market's success, and gain insights into their collaborative approach with merchandising teams.

Tune in now to discover a healthier way of living with Thrive Market!

Listen in as Christine and Jason share about:

  • Thrive Market's Elevated Standards
  • Affordability and Accessibility
  • Product Standards and Sourcing
  • Consumer Trends and Preferences
  • Acquisition Strategy and Distribution Options
  • Brand Discovery
  • Favorite Products
  • Marketing and Promotions

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#142 - Buyer Spotlight: Christine McNerney and Jason Bidart, Thrive Market
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