#143 Qualitative Consumer Insights: Sara Schor, Schor Insights & Strategy

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Join Daniel Scharff in this episode of Startup CPG Podcast as he delves into the intricacies of consumer research methodologies with Sara Schor, principal of Schor Insights & Strategy, a specialized boutique agency focused on consumer insights and brand strategy. From qualitative to quantitative approaches, they explore the art of crafting effective discussion guides and surveys to extract actionable insights. Sara shares riveting anecdotes, showcasing the profound impact of small yet powerful insights.

Discover how understanding consumer behavior drives strategic brand development. Learn from Sara’s flexible collaboration approach, tailored to diverse budget constraints, and her unwavering focus on meaningful outcomes over rigid structures.
Don’t miss this invaluable tips on leveraging qualitative research techniques to reshape brand identities and unlock growth opportunities.

Tune in now!

Listen in as Sara shares about:

  • Qualitative Research vs Quantitative Research
  • Choosing the Right Methodology
  • Sample Size and Statistical Significance
  • Qualitative Research Design and Objective Setting
  • Different Qualitative Methodologies
  • Challenges of Focus Groups
  • Cost-effective Recruitment
  • Aided vs. Unaided Questions
  • Consumer Insights and Brand Strategy
  • Cost and Collaboration

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Sara’s LinkedIn
Sara’s Email: sara@schorinsights.com

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#143 Qualitative Consumer Insights: Sara Schor, Schor Insights & Strategy
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