#147 - Rising Star: Simon Solis-Cohen, Huxley

In this episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, Daniel Scharff leads an engaging conversation with Simon Solis-Cohen, the founder of Huxley, launched in March 2024 which has roared on the scene with a lot of early success and accolades. Drawing inspiration from nature and national parks, Huxley's branding resonates with a wide audience, including Gen Z, baby boomers, and 'Diet Coke moms.'

Learn about the strategic milestones, from Expo West debut to partnerships with UNFI, Lululemon, and Misfits Market. Follow Huxley's slow growth approach, navigating challenges and celebrating success, including a top-three finish at the Beverage Forum x Startup CPG pitch competition.

Tune in for insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and conscious consumerism, and be inspired to embark on your own startup journey!

Listen in as Simon shares about:

  • Launch and Success of Huxley
  • Challenges and Strategies in Expo West
  • Ingredients and Formulation
  • Design and Development Process
  • Importance of Labels and Branding
  • Taste and Flavor Development
  • Brand Inspiration
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Target Audience and Market Strategy
  • Industry Events and Networking
  • LinkedIn Outreach and CRM Integration
  • Financial Investment
  • Execution Strategy and Future Plans

Episode Links:
Huxley’s Website
Simon Solis-Cohen’s LinkedIn
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Daniel Scharff
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#147 - Rising Star: Simon Solis-Cohen, Huxley
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