Bonus - THE BIG RELEASE of Startup CPG’s Retail Sales Tracker

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In this episode of the Startup CPG podcast, Daniel Scharff together with the Cultivate CPG president Aaron Barnholt and Eli Bank co-founder and COO of Absurd Snacks unveils the highly anticipated Startup CPG retail sales tracker. This comprehensive database empowers emerging brands with vital information on channels, store locations, numbers, websites, and direct submission links. Eli, sharing his beta testing experience, underscores the tool's value in building relationships with retailers.

Gain exclusive insider tips from Cultivate CPG to enhance your outreach strategies, and hear Eli's journey with Absurd Snacks, a mission-driven brand making snacks accessible for those with food allergies.

Listen in as Eli and Aaron  share about:

  • Startup CPG Retail Sales Tracker Overview
  • Customization of the tool
  • Insider Tips and Notes
  • Persistence and Learning from Mentors
  • Understanding Retail Processes
  • Scaling Smartly
  • Effective Networking and Relationship Tips
  • Expansion Goals and Community Engagement
  • Absurd Snack’s Origin
  • Mission of Absurd Snacks

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Bonus - THE BIG RELEASE of Startup CPG’s Retail Sales Tracker
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