Fila Manila's Founder Jake Deleon Brings Filipino Flavors to Shark Tank

In this special bonus episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, Daniel Scharff is joined by Jake Deleon, the founder and CEO of Fila Manila. With a focus on crafting award-winning sauces and spreads inspired by Filipino flavors, Jake shares insights into his appearance on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank, along with his anticipation for increased online orders and brand buzz.

Drawing from his background at major CPG companies like Procter Gamble and Starbucks, Jake delves into the importance of understanding target audiences and product differentiation when launching a new product line. His persistence in applying multiple times to Shark Tank paid off, and he discusses the overwhelming yet fair experience of filming the show. Throughout the conversation, Jake emphasizes the broader impact he hopes to achieve—creating awareness for Filipino cuisine on a national level and making his mother proud by fulfilling her dream of seeing him on her favorite show.

Don't miss this inspiring conversation that goes beyond the entrepreneurial journey to celebrate culture and culinary excellence. Tune in now!

Listen in as Jake shares about:
  • Founding Fila Manila
  • Shark Tank Casting and Filming
  • Previous Venture - Origin Almond
  • TikTok Strategy
  • Cultural Representation
  • International Experience
  • Entertaining YouTube Video
  • Impact of Shark Tank on Entrepreneurship
  • Application Process
  • Negotiation and Valuation
  • Therapist Session After Pitch
  • Founders Heritage
  • Product Transition and Future Plans

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Daniel Scharff
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Fila Manila's Founder Jake Deleon Brings Filipino Flavors to Shark Tank
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