Gluten-Free Noodle Chips: Lauryn Bodden, S’noods

In this bonus episode of the Startup CPG podcast, join Grace Kennedy together with Lauryn Bodden, the founder of S’noods as they delve into the captivating origin story of S’noods, the innovative noodle chips taking the snack world by storm. 

Lauryn shares her journey from winning a Netflix cooking competition to launching her brand, securing partnerships with major retailers, and winning a coveted booth at Expo West 2025. 

Gain valuable insights about finding the right partners and overcoming obstacles in the competitive CPG industry as Lauryn navigated the challenges of product development, distribution, and fundraising as a solo founder. She also dives into the importance of community, feedback, and perseverance in building a successful brand.

Tune in now!

Listen in as Lauryn shares about:
  • Origins of S’noods and its concept
  • Challenges in product development
  • Distribution strategies and future growth
  • Funding and investor relations
  • Where to buy S’noods and stay updated
  • Market validation and adjustments made based on consumer responses
  • The importance of community and advice for aspiring founders

Episode Links:
S’noods Website
Lauryn’s Instagram

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Daniel Scharff
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Gluten-Free Noodle Chips: Lauryn Bodden, S’noods
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