Nowhere Bakery Swims in the Shark Tank!

Join Daniel Scharff and Patricia Menegoto in this bonus episode of the Startup CPG Podcast, where they chat with Maurizio Rasti and Saphira Rasti, the dynamic founders of Nowhere Bakery. Discover their captivating journey from the fashion and modeling industry to crafting healthy baked goods, focusing on gluten-free offerings and noteworthy partnerships with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Get the inside scoop on Nowhere Bakery's Shark Tank experience, from filming multiple episodes daily to managing the surge in demand post-airing. The founders share insights into their meticulous Shark Tank application process, emphasizing the intensive selection rounds and strategic preparations for significant exposure.

Tune in now!

Listen in as Saphira and Maurizio share about:

Nowhere Bakery’s Product Line and Distribution
Team and Growth
Collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow
Casting Process
Appearance on Shark Tank
Commercial Kitchens
Preparation for Increased Demand

Episode Links:
Nowhere Bakery’s Website
Nowhere Bakery’s  Instagram

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Daniel Scharff
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Nowhere Bakery Swims in the Shark Tank!
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