Plant-Based Indian Food: Sabah Ashraf, House of Kajaana

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Join Grace Kennedy in this bonus episode of the Startup CPG podcast as she delves into the flavorful world of House of Kajaana, a pioneering plant-based Indian food brand owned by Sabah Ashraf. Sabah unravels the remarkable transition from investment banking to culinary entrepreneurship, and discover how House of Kajana is redefining frozen meals, prioritizing taste and inclusivity by crafting gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free dishes like roasted cauliflower tikka masala and coconut Malabar curry.

Explore their strategic approach to product selection, rooted in building strong consumer connections through familiar flavor profiles. Delve into their expansion strategies, including partnerships with renowned retailers like Fresh Direct and an upcoming launch in Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Gain insights into House of Kajana's commitment to engaging consumers through in-store demos and digital platforms like Instagram and Aisle. Learn about their vision for the future, centered on providing convenient access to healthier meal options across the country.

Tune in to this mouthwatering conversation and join the plant-based revolution with House of Kajana!

Listen in as Sabah shares about:

  • House of Kajaana Mission and Identity
  • Early Influences and Love for Indian Food
  • Product Development
  • Launch Strategy and Retail Expansion
  • Preparation for Nationwide Presence
  • Navigating Distribution and Finding Great Partners
  • Challenges of Being a Founder
  • Advice for Other Founders
  • Future Plans for the House of Kajaana

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Plant-Based Indian Food: Sabah Ashraf, House of Kajaana
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