#136: Growing Jaju Pierogi with Social Media Pro Vanessa White

In this episode of the Startup CPG podcast, Daniel Scharff is joined by Vanessa White, CEO of Jaju Pierogi. Together, they trace the remarkable journey of Jaju Pierogi, from crafting handcrafted delicacies to securing shelf space in 2000 stores nationwide.

Vanessa shares insights into the challenges of competing with established brands while maintaining authenticity and unveils their ingenious marketing approach focused on engaging content and community connection.  Learn about navigating distribution partnerships, from regional distributors to national giants like UNFI and KeHE, and discover Jaju Pierogi's commitment to supporting women in education through the Polish American Women's Scholarship program.

From influencer collaborations to strategic social media strategies and distribution partnerships, Vanessa offers valuable lessons for navigating the competitive CPG landscape.

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Listen in as Vanessa shares about:

The Secret Sauce for Going Viral of Vanesa's Pierogi  Videos
Competition and Market Positioning
Origin Story of Jaju Pierogi
Social Media and Branding
Product Demos and Customer Associations
Retailer Relationships and Product Placement
Transition from Handmade to Manufacturing
The Importance of Personal Branding and Business Identity
Dealing with online haters and trolls
Balancing authenticity with marketing goals

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#136: Growing Jaju Pierogi with Social Media Pro Vanessa White
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