How to Win At Kroger

Wondering how to get on shelf and pick the right marketing programs to do well?

Join expert guests Erin, Courtney, and Holly as they share their wealth of knowledge on successfully navigating the Kroger landscape. From Erin's firsthand brand experience, Courtney's expertise around submissions and promotions, and Holly's insights into category strategies, this episode is packed with actionable tips for CPG startups.

Learn the art of differentiation, effective marketing strategies, and successful promotions. Whether you're a startup or scaling up, this episode is for you.

Don’t miss out on elevating your CPG startup with insider insights!

Listen in as Erin, Courtney, and Holly share about:

  • Kroger's Priorities
  • New Item Selling Process
  • Getting into Kroger
  • Understanding Shopper and Landscape
  • Supply Chain and Budget Considerations
  • Shopper Marketing
  • DSD Collaboration
  • E-commerce Opportunities
  • Regional Considerations
  • Sales Velocity Expectations

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Daniel Scharff
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How to Win At Kroger
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